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Dazzling EYEs under the starry sky. Light-weighted, simple design, but with remarkable performance.

AiryEye is a lovely handheld device with powerful environment monitoring abilities which are useful when performing astronomical observations. It measurs night sky quality , cloud amount, temperature, and humidity. AiryEye helps you take control of the observation condition at anytime. With a silky texture, multifunctions, low power consumption, and compact size, EVERYONE OF YOU should have an AiryEye in your pocket!

Night Sky Quality

Night Sky Quality (NSQ) measures in magnitude per square arcsecond (m/sas). The larger the reading, the darker the night sky.

According to International Dark Sky Association (IDA), night sky quality is divided into three levels. NSQ=20-20.99 is Bronze, NSQ=21-21.74 is Silver, and NSQ>21.75 is Gold.

Symbol Meaning

Too Bright!





Cloud Amount

The cloud sensor of AiryEye will detect the temperature at the bottom of the clouds and subtract with ambient temperature. The temperature of the sky is usually lower than ambient, therefore the lower the reading, the better the weather.

Symbol Meaning

Very Cloudy

Partly Cloudy


Temperature and Humidity

It's recommended to leave it outdoors for 15 mins before measuring to reach thermal equilibrium.


  • Show environment status with symbols
  • Show NSQ exposure time
  • Auto brightness adjustment
  • Switch to individual window with function button
  • Switch to main window in 10 secs
  • Auto power off in 2 minutes

Battery Replacement

  1. Loose four phillips screws as marked.
  2. Remove the battery box while taking out the battery at the same time. Notice⚠️: be careful not to rip off the wires.
  3. Replace with DC9V zinc–carbon battery (6LR61).
  4. Put the battery box back, make sure the “><” symbols are aligned and lock the screws.

Sensor Night Sky Quality sensor, Cloud sensor, Temperature/Humidity sensor
NSQ Range 10 - 23 M/SAS
Working Temperature -40 - 85 ℃
Reliable Temperature -40 - 35 ℃
Relative Humidity 0 - 100 %
Power Supply 9V Battery (6LR61)
Dimension 64 x 35 x 36 mm
Weight 115 g

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